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Finnmarkseiendommen - Finnmarkkuopmodat (FeFo) is a landowner enterprise which owns and administrates 95% of the land and natural resources in Finnmark.



The Finnmark Act (Finnmarksloven) of 2005 transferred about 46,000 km² in Finnmark County in Northern Norway, which equates to around 96 % of the county’s total area, to the residents of Finnmark County.
The Finnmark Estate area is now managed by FeFo - the Finnmark Estate agency. Principal activities are land-use management on behalf of the residents of Finnmark.


Please make use of the information in the left and right-hand menus or call our service phone +47 09975. 

Visit us or contact FeFo at:



Finnmarkseiendommen • Finnmárkkuopmodat

Hovedkontor: Torget, 9700 Lakselv | Postadr: Postboks 133, 9811 Vadsø | Fakturaadr: Finnmarkseiendommen avd. Alta, Postboks 1609, 9509 Alta | 989 480 731
Tlf: 09975 | E-post: