Fishing 15 March - 15 June

Norwegian residency is required to fish inland fish at the Finnmark Estate between 15 March and 15 June.

Dispensation for tourism operators

Tourism operators may apply for dispensation for up to three years at a time. The application form can be found here. An overview of operators with dispensation is posted below. 

Dispensation for individuals

Do you live outside Norway? If you visit a tourism operator with dispensation, you may take advantage of their dispensation while you are a guest.

You may be granted dispensation from the residency requirement if:

  • you have close family in Finnmark, i.e. parents, parents-in-law, siblings or children
  • you are working in Finnmark, at least 1 month during the current fishing period
  • fishing and transportation related to fishing is performed without use of motorized vehicles

If you have other reasons that exempt you from the residency requirement, you may send a written application to FeFo.

There will be created a separate fishing permit for non-residents, which will be available for purchase at NatureIT from the beginning of March 2020. The fisherman must confirm that the conditions for dispensation are met before purchase.

Tourism operators with dispensation 

Reiselivsbedrifter med innvilget dispensasjon
Navn/name Sted /place Kontaktinformasjon/contact information
Arctic Support AS Kirkenes www.gotokirkenes.com arcticepost@gmail.com
A-Sujala Skjånes pelkeplassen@gmail.com
Jan Ole Buljo Kautokeino janbuljo@hotmail.com
Johansens Hytteutleie Tana Finnes på www.booking.com
Levajok Fjellstue Levajok fjellstua@levajok.no
Lovisenborg Brygge Kongsfjord www.lovisenborg.no dag@dagnorum.no
Neiden Fjellstue AS Neiden info@neidenfjellstue.com
Olderfjord Turistsenter Olderfjord post@olderfjord.no
Skoganvarre Villmark AS Skoganvarre www.skoganvarre.no marjo@skoganvarre.com
Tana Hotel & Camping Tana www.tanahotel.com post@tanahotel.no
Tana Toms jakt- og fisketurer Tana www.tanafjordhusky.wordpress.com tomhardy@online.no
Viddas Veidemann Kautokeino