Salmon fishing

Finnmark is every salmon fisherman's dream! It's in Finnmark you will find the biggest salmon, and it's in Finnmark you will find hidden gems far from urbanization. 

Most rivers in Finnmark are leased to organizations and unions, and these do a great job managing the rivers to benefit locals and visiting fishermen. The local expertice and knowledge about these rivers are in the hands of these organizations and unions. You will find these rivers on this map.

In addition, there are some smaller rivers on the Finnmark Estate, which are open for fishing for salmon, sea-trout and sea char. These rivers are listed below. The Finnmark Estate is responsible for selling licenses in these rivers, and if you are a fisherman visiting from outside of Finnmark, you can buy day-licenses for these rivers. The licenses are sold at www.natureit.no

It is the responsibility of the fisherman to acknowledge the fishing regulations and fishing period for the different species in the river he/she chooses to fish. The regulations are specified below the table.

Lakseelver der FeFo selger fiskekort
Lakseelver der FeFo selger fiskekort
Kommune Elv Fiskbare arter* Fisketid
Alta Store Lerresfjordelva Ø 1.6–14.9
Berlevåg Molvikvassdraget R 1.7-11.8
Gamvik Sommerheimvassdraget R 1.7-11.8
Hammerfest Brennsvikelva LØR 1.7-11.8
Lebesby Blåfjellvassdraget LØR 1.7-11.8
Lebesby Mahtosjohka 1.7-31.7
Lebesby Store Torskefjordvassdraget L 1.7-11.8
Loppa Fjorddalsvassdraget LØR 1.7-11.8
Nordkapp Lafjordelva 1.7-11.8
Nordkapp Rekvikvassdraget LØR 1.7-11.8
Porsanger Smørfjordelva** 1.7-11.8
Sør-Varanger Braselvvassdraget LØR 1.7-11.8
Sør-Varanger Haukelva 1.7-11.8
Vadsø Storelva*** 1.7-11.8
Vardø Austerelva L 1.7-11.8

* L = salmon, Ø = sea trout, R = sea char
** Protection zone from the bridge (E69) down to where the river meets the sea
*** Protection zone from the bridge (E75) down to where the river meets the sea


Terms for salmon fishing in rivers where the Finnmark Estate sells licenses

It's the responsibility of the fisherman to abide by the national guidelines and regulations.

1. General provisions

  • The scope of the license
    The license is only valid in the river stated on the license. It's the responsibility of the fisherman to get aquainted with any private property. It's the responsibility of the fisherman to get aquainted with which species are allowed to catch, and when.
  • Drying and disinfection of gear
    Fishing equipment, boats and other possible items carrying infection or disease should either be dried, frozen or disinfected before moved to another river or other parts of the river. It's the responsibility of the fisherman to make sure that the equipment does not carry disease or infection.

2. Fishing regulations

  • The license must always be brought along during fishing and shown to any demanding control authority. The national license must be shown along with the fishing license. The license is personal, and it's the duty of the fisherman to show valid identification.
  • Catch report after the fishing trip is mandatory. The catch report is delivered at www.natureit.no, or by using the NatureIT-app.
  • It's only allowed to use one rod or line per person. As bait, it's only allowed to use worms, lures, spinners, wobblers and fly.

3. Sanctioning

  • Breaching these terms may lead to an immideate confiscation of the license and/or a notification to the police. 


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