Inland fishing

Inland fishing

Limiting ice fishing for non-resident foreign nationals in Finnmark

FeFo has introduced Norwegian residency requirement for fishing in the period 15 March to 15 June. Dispensation from this rule may be granted in specified areas. It is preferable to grant such dispensation to the local tourism industry.

Tourism companies may be granted dispensation from the residency requirement and sell fishing licenses to customers who purchase services from the company, i.e. accommodation, transport, guiding or other services. A list of tourism companies with such dispensation can be found here. 

Individuals are also permitted to apply for dispensation

Read the full media release (PDF, 214 kB)

Fishing permit

Fishers must always bring their fishing permit when fishing. The fishing permit must be presented upon control. 

Fishing permit is required for everyone resident outside of Finnmark, with the exception of persons studying in Finnmark, persons on military service in Finnmark and immigrants with temporary residence in Finnmark.

Visiting fishers aged 16 to 20 years can fish free of charge, but must have a youth fishing permit

Anyone older than 20 years must purchase a fishing permit at NatureIT.no

Type of permit Price in NOK
Day licence 95,- per day
Day licence family 140,- per day
Annual licence 770,-
Annual licence family 1030,-


Activation and catch report

Day permits are activated upon purchase.

Seasonal permits must be activated before fishing. To activate, log in to NatureIT using the license number and password in the top right-hand corner of your fishing license. You can also activate your fishing license via SMS(text message). Send <fefofiske> space <fishing zone> to 1963. For example: "fefofiske SVA51" to 1963. Your fishing license will be activated the same day you send the SMS.

Activate your permit for the fishing zone where you plan to fish. Even if your permit is activated for one zone, it remains valid for the entire Finnmark Estate. If you fish in a different zone than the zone you specified upon activation, you can change zone when you submit your catch report.

Catch reports are submitted at NatureIT. Log in by using the license number and password on the upper right-hand corner of your fishing permit.


All fishing gear must be dried, frozen or disinfected before being moved to other watercourses or other parts of the same watercourse. This also applies to boats and other objects that may carry infection.

Do not move fish to other watercourses without permission. Do not wash or gut fish in watercourses other than where you caught it. Do not empty water into a watercourse other than where it was collected.  

Fishing zones

The Finnmark Estate covers about 95% of Finnmark County. The “Finnmarkseiendommen” fishing permit is valid on most of this area, with the exceptions described under.  

Pikefossen fishing zone consists the Kautokeino River, Másijohka and Láhpojohka, and are defined as a separate fishing zone which require a specific fishing permit. This licence is not valid for the rest of Finnmark Estate.
The general licence for Finnmarkseiendommen is not valid in the Pikefossen fishing zone.

The Pasvik River is located on the Russian border. Only Norwegian citizens are allowed to fish on the Norwegian side of the river. Fishing permit, activation and catch report is mandatory for everyone fishing in the Pasvik River. 

The river Čabardašjohka in Kautokeino is managed by Kautokeino JFF, and fishing permits can be purchased at the Circle K gas station in Kautokeino. 

Fishing gear regulations

Residents outside of Finnmark may fish with rod and hand-held line. Otter boards are permitted in lakes only. 

Fishing with stationary lines:
- in areas with restrictions on net fishing, each fisher may fish with up to 10 hooks.
- In areas without net fishing restrictions, there is no limitation on the allowed number of hooks used.
These regulations includes both residents and non-residents.  
Only residents of Finnmark can fish with nets and other stationary gear.
The regulations relating to fishing for inland fish with a net in Finnmark, specifies the regulations relating to gear.
It is not permitted to use live fish as bait. Using dead fish from the same watercourse as bait is permitted.

When fishing freshwater fish in watercourses with anadromous fish (salmon, sea trout and sea char), regulations for anadromous fish also apply to freshwater fish. 

Use of non-motorized boats, canoes and kayaks are unrestricted. If you are using boat with motor, please check current regulation with the municipality you are visiting. Remember that requirements concerning drying or disinfection also apply to boats.

Fishing fee

You do not need to pay a governmental fishing fee for inland fishing in watercourses where there are no anadromous species (salmon, sea trout and sea char). The governmental fishing fee only applies for fishing for anadromous species in watercourses, or with stationary gear at sea. To pay the fishing fee, please visit the Norwegian Environment Agency websites 


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